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Assalamualaikum YM Tuan-Tuan and YM Puan-Puan,

The Lifelong Learning Centre (L3C), Ministry of Education with the support of Manpower Planning and Employment Council (MPEC) Secretariat organised a virtual Annual Lifelong Learning Industry Engagement Day (ALLIED) via MS Teams, on the 13 September 2021. Amongst the objectives of this event were (i) to provide understanding to existing and potential training providers on manpower landscape, skills and demand; (ii) to provide understanding on the training provider registration process; and (iii) to increase participation from existing and potential training providers as our strategic training partner to offer relevant courses.

Having said that, Manpower Industry Steering Committee (MISC) Construction participated in the event by presenting the following but not limited to: skills demanded by the industries, programs & initiatives.

Please download the file attached below to get detailed presentation on the ALLIED and skills demanded by the industries, programs & initiatives of MISC Construction.

ALLIED 2021 Slide Pack (PDF).pdf

If you are interested to become a Training Provider for construction industry, please do not hesitate to contact us through our email at Note that if you have any further questions on the process of becoming a training provider, you can contact the respective organisations/agencies stated in the "ALLIED 2021 Slide Pack". Thank You!