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Bil​Type of Services (Building Unit)​​​TPOR
1​Estimates and quotations​15 days
​2Complaints and Services Requests​5 days
​3​Direct Labor​5 days
​4​Term Contract16 days​
​BilType of Services (Air Unit)​TPOR​
​5Water and Gas supply complains​5 min
​6Repairing Water and Gas pipes​6 hour
​7Water Tanker services​4 hour
​8Informing Public for Water supply disruptions​1 day earlier
​9Responding to Water quality complains​4 days
​10Giving respond to Water and Gas meter applications​14 days
​11Giving respond to Water bills request​14 days
​12Giving respond to change of ownership​10 days
​13Application to change of tariff from temporary to permanent supply​10 days
​14Application to vacant Government rented House​10 days
​15Application to accommodate Government rented House​10 days
Bil​Type of Services (Road Unit)​TPOR
16​Direct Labor​5 days
​17Term Contract​2 weeks
​18Quotation​10 weeks
​19Others​1 week
​20Repairing road potholes​2 day
​21Application for laying stones​3 weeks
​22Application for road upgrading​3 weeks
​23Early responses for Emergency works​24 hours
​24Producing 'Permit to Dig' letter​2 weeks
​25Producing 'Permit to use a road' letter​3 weeks
BilType of Services (Drainage Unit)​TPOR
​26Application for Development (DCU)​13 days
​27Application for 'Permit to Dig'​5 days
​28Complain​7.5 days
BilType of Services (Sewerage Unit)​TPOR
​29Responding to Sewerage complains​7 days
​30Requesting for application status​7 days
​31Repairing Sewerage Pipes or blockages (Small scale repair)​14 days
​32Repairing Sewerage Pipes or blockages (Large scale repair)​21 days
​33Application for Development (DCU) - Required amendment form QP​14 days
​34Application for Development (DCU) - Required No amendment form QP​21 days
​35Responding to Other Departments request​7 days
BilType of Services (Unit Mechanical)TPOR
​36Application for TIR - For write-off14 days
​37Application for TIR - For vehicle accident​7 days
​38​Application for TIR - For new vehicle​14 days​