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Monitoring of water quality is very important in ensuring that water supply to the public is clean and safe as well as aesthetically acceptable in terms of colour, odour and appearance.
Consumers rely principally upon their senses when assessing the quality of water and as such water that is highly turbid, is highly coloured or has objectionable taste or odour may be regarded by consumers as unsafe and may be rejected.
Based on the above, the monitoring program is targeted:
At Source water

  • River water sample is collected via sampling tap in the treatment plant’s laboratory. The river water is piped to the treatment plant.
At Water Treatment Plants

  • Every Water Treatment Plant is equipped with a laboratory.
  • The laboratories have basic testing facilities to ensure water produced from the plant.
  • The tests at these laboratories are carried out every two hourly twenty-four hours everyday.
  • Parameters tested for pH, colour, turbidity, aluminium, chlorine, chloride.
At Reservoirs

  • Total of 96 reservoirs covering the whole of Brunei.
  • Water quality of the reservoirs are routinely sampled and analysed based on sampling program designed.
At Distribution system

  • Samples are taken from hotels, health clinics, mosques, schools and restaurant premises.