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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​asset_management.jpgASSET MANAGEMENT

Not only does Public Works Department plan, design and construct buildings, we also manage the buildings that has been completed.

Asset management which falls under the responsibility of the Building Services Department, has the role of maintaining buildings that are government owned, such as offices, public infrastructures and government rented houses.


Department of Building Services (DBS) functions are as follows:
  • Maintenance of Government Buildings
  • Maintenance of public infrastructure in Belait, Tutong and Temburong Districts
  • Maintenance of Government owned and rented houses
  • Restoration, Refurbishment and Renovation of Government Buildings
  • Facilitate and provide service for His Majesty’s Birthday Celebrations, National Day and Official National Events
  • Supply of Basic Furniture for Government-Owned Houses
  • Demolition of Deteriorated Government Buildings

 PWD Temburong

DBS has an Integrated Maintenance Management System to dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of managing government building assets through the integration of maintenance work processes via a Centralized database.
Under SBM:-
  1. Unit BM1 – handles maintenance for MIPR Building
  2. Unit BM2 – handles maintenance for PWD & MOFAT Building
  3. Unit BM3 – handles maintenance for MOF, RBAF, BFRD & MOHA Building
  4. Unit BM4 – handles maintenance for JPM, MOCYS Building
  5. Unit BM5 – handles maintenance for MOC, MORA Building
  6. Unit BM6 – handles maintenance for MOD Building
  7. Unit BM7 – handles maintenance for GOVERNMENT RENTAL HOUSES AND FLATS
  8. Unit BM8 – handles maintenance for HOUSING UNDER JPA
  9. Unit BM9 – handles maintenance for WATER PIPES WITHIN BUILDINGS
  10. Unit BM10 – handles furniture
  11. Unit BM11 – STORE, WORKSHOP
  12. Drawing Unit
  13. Administration Unit
  14. Monitoring Unit
  15. JKR Temburong