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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​road.jpgThe two main sections under Department Of Roads which are responsible for the planning, construction and management of the road network system in Brunei Darussalam are: -
  • Road Construction Section (SRC)
  • Road Management Road Maintenance (SRM)
Road Construction Section (SRC) is responsible in developing new roads, highways, slip roads, junctions, roundabouts, bridges and flyovers are planned and implemented.  It is also responsible for the access to the rural communities and also the capacity improvement of existing roads for safe and uninterrupted traffic flow.
Public Works Department has constructed:
  • 27 Flyovers
  • 95 Signalized Traffic lights
  • 30 Major Roundabouts
Road Population.jpg


road pavement.jpg


​​​Road Area Vs. Land Area​ ​ ​ ​ ​
No.Road ClassificationLength (Km)Width (Km)Area (Sq. Km)
4.Local Access1499.210.0068.9953
Total2,976.12 21.8534
​​​Ratio = 21.8534/5765 = 0.00379 ​(0.379%) ​ ​ ​ ​

After the projects are completed by Road Construction Section (SRC), the maintenance of the infrastructures on the road, mainly the road itself, bridges, road-side drains, traffic lights are taken care of by the Road Maintenance Section (SRM).
Road Management Road Maintenance (SRM) has launched the Highway Management Unit (HMU) in 2012 and also has set up the Zone Management Unit (ZMU) in 2011, and recently launched Road Inpsection Division Enforcement for the high public expectation of better quality roads.

Road Management Road Maintenance (SRM) overlooks:
  1. Planned Management
  2. Zone Management
  3. Road Safety Management
  4. Traffic Engineering & Management
  5. Bridge M​anagement
  6. Highway Management
  7. Road Inspectio​n Division Enrorcement & Safety​

Bridges Management Unit.jpginfrastructures.jpgzone management unit.jpgroad projects by pwd.jpghighway management unit.jpgroad safety.jpgtraffic management unit.jpgIT management system.jpg